Well if you enjoyed seeing little Annelise here AND here…then you will be thrilled to know that she is BACK and growing up so fast.  I had the privilege of meeting up with the Topinka family right before Thanksgiving.  It was about 20 degrees outside, but the sun was shining so we opted for random indoor locations around Downtown Tacoma.  


I got a chance to meet Brianne about 10 days ago on a drizzly Saturday morning…I took one look at her and said to myself this girl will have NO problems shooting in the rain.  She has this AMAZING curly hair that I was secretly jealous of the whole morning 🙂 Needless to say the cold, damp drizzle didn’t phase her a bit. I loved looking back on all her photos and seeing the dramatic sides to who she is.  And believe it or not ~ those blue eyes are 100% hers.  Dang.

My friend Lisa also had a chance to accompany me to the shoot and several of these images are ones that she took ~ I was so blessed that she could be there with me!

Brianne…please start a band…and use this as your CD cover.  K?

And I’d like to introduce the lovely & talented Lisa ~

Brianne ~ I hope you enjoy your Senior Year!  You are an amazing a beautiful girl, best of luck in all your future endeavors 🙂

In the last 18 months I have been out to visit with the Trujillo family 4 times.  They have been a complete blessing and I can hardly believe how fast these kids are growing up.  Little Elle was not even walking when I first met the family 18 months ago, now she is 100% mobile and talking.  Hunter was 4 when I first met him and this November he turns 6!! On my first visit to the family Holly told me that I was “stuck” with them, but I am happy to be called back again and again to see this family grow!

Our most recent outing was to a fire station that Holly nearly grew up at….AND as a double bonus Hunter LOVES anything fireman.  It was so fun to hang out with the kids as they got a chance to explore the fire station and have some amazing fun first hand experiences there.  What an amazing birthday gift as Hunter celebrates his 6th Birthday 🙂

Have the BEST 6th Birthday ever Hunter!!!

It may have taken me about 20 minutes before I could say Dhriti’s name correctly, but it took me only 20 seconds to know that we were going to have a fun time taking photos!  I couldn’t believe the fun and playful Chemistry that Sanjog and Dhriti had…really it was about 90% giggling and about 10% photos.  Oh how I loved it!

They met in a library, so we thought it was fitting to head to a book store…that, and it was raining cats and dogs outside.  Being a photog in the Northwest you gotta get creative!

Then we hit up my favorite old garage…it was covered so it was going to do!

I managed to get “serious face” out of them, probably by telling them something depressing…

but it was very quickly back to goofing off.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a fun shoot!!!

Best of luck to you both~

Devon Michelle

Talk about a shoot that has been coming for a LONG time!!  I first met Autumn at Eric & Sarahjoy’s wedding back in April.  Autumn messaged me in June to talk photography, as she is also an AMAZING photographer,  you need to check out her website.  I was honored when she called a couple months later wanting to set up a session for her and her husband Derek. Just to make sure we had an adventure we headed out the Hunters Pumpkin Patch out in Yelm where the rainy weather held off until we were driving out of the parking lot after the session.  God bless the rain and the sun!!

Without further ado, Derek and Autumn…

Autumn and Derek, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend the morning with you guys!! I hope your pumpkins turned out great!!

Earlier this month, when I went up to Bellingham for Brandon & Olivia’s wedding I had the chance to reconnect with Angie and Andy…Angie and I had spent long hours driving to  Everett, from Bellingham…and back again, 2 to 3 times a week for classes in our Graduate Program.  Yes folks up to 6 hours a week together in a car.  Believe it or not there was NEVER a dull moment!!!  I love spending that time with Angie and felt blessed to have had the opportunity to share my graduate school experience with her.  When I first met Angie she was newly pregnant with a little girl named Nena…

Nena is now 4 years old. Holy cow ~ I can’t believe it.

AND…she now has a little brother, Liam.

Together they make the family complete ~ and sickeningly cute.

K’s, thanks for taking an adventure in the rain a couple weeks ago!!  I was so blessed to see you all again 🙂


~ Devon Michelle

Wesley, Erin, Elliot & Edith: cutest family in Puyallup.   I met Wes and his then girlfriend, Erin, when I moved to Nash Hall, on the Campus of Western Washington University…I had NO IDEA that 10 years later we would again re-united…only this time with kids in tow!!

All I’m sayin is who in their right mind gives a kid a FULL DRUM SET?  I later found out that it lives in his (sound proof) room upstairs.

Really, I think Wes just wanted another toy to play  🙂

read it and weep…its a full line up of converse.  My little heart was melting.

In case you missed them the first time….

oh and here is the cutie they belong to…

hey check this out (I was the one who showed her how to do this…)

Thank you Neeley family for letting me come and hang out!  You guys are an amazing family and I was blessed to have the chance to spend some time with you!

God Bless!

You might remember Katie, well I’d like to introduce you to her older sister Erin!  These girls couldn’t be more different (in an amazing and good way or course).  Like Katie, Erin was up for just about anything for her photos ~ so we went for it and had us some fun a couple weeks ago!

Holy cow its been too long since I’ve visited my poor neglected blog.  Never fear, I’m back and feeling myself again!!

So without further ado here is the Miller family!  We met up in Silverdale, WA about three weeks ago and spent the morning chasing the kids around…I mean…taking amazing photographs!

I had an amazing time with Hanna last weekend!  She has a contagious laugh and tender heart.  Don’t let all the sassy photos fool you ~ she really is a softy!  Hannah have an amazing Senior Year at Tacoma Baptist High School!

I always love hearing from you!!!